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BVI Water Taxi

Need Flexibility? Choose a Private BVI Water Taxi

In the mainland United States, the easiest way to get to point A from point B in any given state is via car. The public highways and byways easily connect different cities and popular destinations. However, when it comes to the Caribbean, you aren't going to find many of those paved surfaces -- especially not when it comes to visiting different island locations. Instead, you will find that the most popular method of traveling between island locations and even sometimes locations within a given island is via a BVI water taxi.

You will find public BVI water taxi routes between all of the biggest islands. For example, the most popular BVI water taxi is St. John to St. Thomas water taxi. St. John and St. Thomas are, after all, two of the largest islands within the British and United States Virgin Islands, and they are located neighborly to each other. The public BVI water taxi runs at set times each day and week and has a general set price. For example, the aforementioned St. John to St. Thomas water taxi currently runs three times every day (weekends and weekdays) and charges between $7 and $13 per route depending upon which dock you choose to land at. Travelers on these public BVI water taxi routes should also expect to pay extra for each piece of luggage they bring with them.

As you might expect, while these public BVI water taxi routes are certainly affordable for the individual and small family traveling light, they aren't flexible, and the costs can add up if you're traveling in a large group. An alternative is to hire a private BVI water taxi to take your entire party for one fee to whichever dock you want, whenever you want. Contact our own private BVI charter company to learn more about our own available BVI water taxi routes.

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