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USVI To BVI Water Taxi

What Should I Know About the USVI to BVI Water Taxi?

One of the biggest regrets United States citizens make when they travel to the United States Virgin Islands is not bringing their passport. This is naturally an easy mistake to make as US citizens don't need their passports to fly into or take a cruise to the United States Virgin Islands -- so why would they think to bring it? The thing is that if you want to hire USVI boat charters for some island hopping to neighboring Virgin Islands that are a part of the British Virgin Islands, you will need your passport.

That's right, even if you want to take a public USVI to BVI water taxi, that ferry operator is going to require you to show your passport because you are technically entering another country's territory. If you want to hire a private USVI to BVI water taxi, then they also are required by law to ensure you have your passport. So, even if you aren't sure that you want to go island hopping with USVI boat charters, it is still a good idea to go ahead and get that passport renewed if necessary and pack it. That way, when the opportunity comes up, you won't be limited and your party will be able to enjoy everything this gorgeous slice of the Caribbean has to offer.

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