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Tortola Virgin Gorda Private Charter

Book Your Tortola Virgin Gorda Private Charter

Most people who book a vacation to the British Virgin Islands will book a stay at a resort on either Tortola or Virgin Gorda. They are two of three largest of the British Virgin Islands and both have a ton to offer visitors. However, if you are visiting this area, why stop at just visiting one or the other? Why not hire a Tortola Virgin Gorda private charter and enjoy the beauty and attractions of both?

Here at TRC Powerboat Charters, we are proud to provide USVI and BVI boat charters that take our clients all over this part of the Caribbean. While you can book a public ferry to take you in between Tortola and Virgin Gorda, as well as get you to some of the other popular and more tourist islands, public BVI boat charters have their issues. With a public ferry, you are limited on when you can go and how many people can go with you. Popular times and dates might even be sold out, leaving you with no option at all. You also are limited on where you can go, as these public ferries only go to specific docks.

In contrast, when you book with our Tortola Virgin Gorda private charter, we can work with you to find the right time and right location for your party. Our BVI boat charters can also take you beyond the typical scenes where you can enjoy a more exotic and private beach vacation. Contact us today to learn more!

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